Onitsuka Tiger Omotesando

Apr 27 - May 11, 2012
Onitsuka Tiger Omotesando, Tokyo, Japan

Play with Onitsuka Tiger by teamLab@Onitsuka Tiger Omotesando
Onitsuka Tiger teamLab

Onitsuka Tiger teamLabOnitsuka Tiger teamLab

teamLab, 2012, 58sec

An interactive CG model design and animation of Onitsuka Tiger shoes, FABRE BL-L VIN, that react and respond to people’s movement. Stand before the signage and lift your legs or jump, the animation displayed in the monitor responds and FABRE BL-L VIN shoes mimic your movement. The animated shoes don’t just copy the movement of the person in front of the signage, they respond to specific actions with special responses.

The monitor contents scenes are captured every few minutes and played back to create a surprising and fun movie!

Onitsuka Tiger Omotesando